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Watch The Good Place s.2 ep.5 (The Trolley Problem) Online

Chidi is finding that Michael still can’t seem to grasp the concepts taught in the human ethics classes. The latest example is in the ethical dilemma of the trolley problem – if you have no other other choice, do you kill one person or five? does it change if you know the people? would you sacrifice one to save five? etc. – where Michael would try to kill all six people if he could, and do it as brutally as possible. In Chidi addressing the issue with Michael, Michael thinks he knows why he just isn’t getting it and shows Chidi and Eleanor how he can learn. What Michael shows them has consequences both for Chidi and for Michael, the latter due to the intent. Meanwhile, Jason wants Tahani to talk to someone about why she feels so reluctant to tell the world that the two of them are together as a couple. Who Tahani turns to is the ever knowing Janet. Janet helping Tahani and Jason with this issue has unintended consequences.

  • Director: Dean Holland
  • Cast: Kristen Bell | William Jackson Harper | Jameela Jamil
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.7
  • Today: 417 Views
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