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Watch Vikings s.4 ep.7 (The Profit and the Loss) Online

Rollo’s defenses by river chain and archers-manned forts against the Viking fleet and infantry works brilliantly, allowing Roland to ransack Ragnar’s camp for a change, where Floki’s wife is killed, yet count Odo tries in vain to discredit Rollo with the emperor, while he warns it’s not over. Ragnar however is disheartened, desperate for more of his Chinese medicine and indecisive. Erlendur claims Horik’s ring isn’t his. Ecbert leads the Wessex army to Mercia, but is offered the crown without a war by renegade prince Wigstan, who is tired of his mad family’s bloody debauchery. Queen Aslaug’s adultery with prophet Halbard is witnessed by cripple Ivar.

  • Director: Ken Girotti
  • Cast: Travis Fimmel | Katheryn Winnick | Clive Standen
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.5
  • Today: 643 Views
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