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Jack and Rebecca have just taken the babies home from the hospital. While Jack is focused on moving on with their lives, Rebecca can’t help but think about the one they lost and if their adopted son, who they’ve named Kyle – all the babies named after Dr. K – is a replacement for the one who didn’t make it. As such, Rebecca is having problems bonding with Kyle, while Kevin and Kate seem truly to be parts of each other and of her and Jack. Rebecca believes that the man she spots at the hospital may help her alleviate at least part of her apprehension about taking Kyle as their own. Back in present day, Rebecca and Miguel’s surprise visit places a slight crimp in Randall’s plan in how he was going to tell his mother about finding his biological father. Although Randall doesn’t believe she said anything unforeseen, Randall knows that something Rebecca said to William in the private conversation she requested with him has something to do with William’s change in behavior. William having …

  • Director: Glenn Ficarra
  • Cast: Milo Ventimiglia | Mandy Moore | Sterling K. Brown
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.8
  • Today: 563 Views
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