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Watch Victoria s.2 ep.5 (Entente Cordiale) Online

After Peel airs his misgivings over wily French king Louis Philippe betrothing his son to Isabel, the Spanish infanta, fearing a Franco-Spanish alliance against Britain Victoria travels with her entourage to the French court to dissuade the king. She is frustrated by his refusal to discuss the reason for her visit and puzzled by the reluctance of Albert, to support her, until he admits to her Leopold’s revelation and is reassured by her view that it changes nothing between them. As a result the pair form an entente cordiale whilst closet gay lovers Lord Alfred Paget and government aide Drummond enjoy a nude dip with Albert. However, on return to England , Victoria learns of the French king’s duplicity though she does have a pleasant surprise for Albert.

  • Director: Jim Loach
  • Cast: Jenna Coleman | Tom Hughes | Nigel Lindsay
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.1
  • Today: 754 Views
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