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The next case for the BAU is assisting DC police in an active homicide, that of Andrew Hirota, an asset fund manager killed in his office. His shaken associate, Abigail Fuller, who was also in the office at the time of the murder, was gagged and bound by the masked unsub, Fuller who was otherwise not physically hurt and who states that the unsub was dressed in all black like riot police. She also states that their company was going through difficult financial times having lost a lot of money over the past year, including for their investor clients. Hirota was killed by multiple shallow slashes all over his body, his blood used to scrawl what looks to be a serpentine staff on the office wall, which his body was posed facing. The insignia is generally used to signify healing. It isn’t until the M.E.’s examination that they discover a message written in code placed into Hirota’s throat. With Garcia and Reid breaking the code, they discover the message is a manifesto railing against …

  • Director: Glenn Kershaw
  • Cast: Joe Mantegna | Matthew Gray Gubler | A.J. Cook
  • Rating (IMDB): 7.3
  • Today: 408 Views
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